Hi there. I'm Kristine. How good of you to find me.  

Despite the fact that I write almost exclusively in the first person, I've always found penning my own bio challenging. How much should I tell you? How much do I reveal upfront? 

For starters, I'm a proud Berkeley graduate with degrees in fields I'll probably never work in professionally (sorry, Religious Studies and Peace & Conflict Studies). After college I did a brief stint in sales at a hip tech company in San Francisco, during which time I quickly learned that no amount of free booze and food could make cold calling a viable life path for me. 

After that I was fortunate enough to land into the world of digital marketing, a field I've been interested in since the early days of social media and online blogging. I'm currently a Vice President of Digital at Edelman, where I oversee the strategy and execution of integrated social media and digital campaigns for clients. I work remotely from LA for the San Francisco team, and it's a life I still can't quite believe I have. 

I've written a little here and a little there and have revealed perhaps a little too much of myself in the process, but I appreciate vulnerability - in myself and in others. I'm hoping to use this space as an outlet for my ramblings, my creative pursuits, and everything in-between.

Glad you could be here, and I hope you can get something out of this as well. :)