Some Kind of Love

I want a hungry kind of love, a love with an appetite. I want lips that salivate at my touch and eyes that feast like worn out travelers. Rest your weary bones at my feet and let me serve you a banquet of me. 

I want a sticky kind of love, thick like honey between my fingers. Coat me in your honeyed words, let me soak you up like sunlight through open shutters. 

I want to be buried beneath you, covered in you, I want a heaviness in my love. Let me learn the language of your skin, gain fluency in the way your body curves, twists, bends to fit my own. I want to carve out a path of my hands down your spine and memorize every muscle, every indent, every blemish. I want to read you like braille beneath my fingertips. 

Give me eyes that undo me, split me open and sew me back up with fingers, warm and delicate. Steal the oxygen from my mouth, rob me with your lips on my lips, your tongue on my tongue. You are a thief and I'm your co-conspirator.

This is the kind of love that I want.