Special Thanks to My Badass Network of Friends

I had a whole blog here and it was almost done, twice, and then the copy was inexplicably deleted, twice, as I was writing it, so now I just fucking give up. 

Basically what it said was thank you to everyone who's reached out to me over the past couple of weeks - family members, close friends, friends I used to be close to but fell out of touch with, friends I never talk to but always have a blast with whenever we happen to be drinking at the same place, friends I met once, like, 7 years ago and haven't spoken to since, and everyone in between. Not sure what I did to deserve such beautiful people in my life, but I appreciate the fact that you're in it. 

And if you ever need someone to talk to - you, whoever's reading this - I'd love to return the favor. If you feel like shit and need someone to talk to, I'm your girl. If you want to rant about an ex, I live for that shit. Or if you just feel weird and unhappy and don't really know why and don't know how to talk about it but feel like you should do something about it but don't really know what, hit me up. We don't even have to know each other that well. Because there's nothing I love more than asking people uncomfortable questions and prying into their histories and getting them to tell me all of their secrets. It sounds creepy, but trust me, you want to get that shit out and you'll find no judgment here. Because I'm a fucking weirdo and absolutely nothing phases me. 

So yeah, thanks. Thanks for your kindness, for letting me sob into your ear, and for helping me avoid paying for therapy. Because I'm on Obamacare and I'm not 100% that shit is even covered.

You guys are great, A+ human beings and I love you.