Daughn Gibson // Tiffany Lou

Today I had a really weird, instant emotional response to a boy on my bus. 

We both hopped into the last car of the N going outbound, packing ourselves against the crowd just as the doors shut inches behind us. We turned at the same moment, and as our eyes met for a brief second or two, something flashed inside me - an electrical current? Some unusual spurt of dopamine and serotonin? I can barely remember what he looked like, aside from his wavy brown hair and delicately carved bone structure. He was wearing brown oxfords and a leather jacket and was carrying some kind of man-satchel; as we stood in such close proximity, I could smell his cologne lightly wafting in my direction. I wanted to bone him. 

He got off the bus like 4 stops later.

Do people actually meet this way? And is it possible to fall in love with someone so immediately? Not that this was anything more than some primal, physical reaction - I am just always falling in love with boys who are in transit. Honestly, I’m so terrible at meeting men, just really godawful. I’m always falling in love with them at the most inopportune times, in the most inopportune places.  

Perhaps it’s the impossibility of actually meeting someone while in transit that draws me to these men. Perhaps I’m only attracted to men who are inaccessible because it feels safer than being attracted to someone who is.