Lazy Sunday.

I feel as if I have been living my life in fast forward. I’ve traveled pretty much every month since the beginning of the year - from Vegas to LA to Palm Springs to New York to Boston to LA again to Seattle, Vancouver, London, Paris, etc - and recently I’ve found myself missing the quiet weekends that I spent alone this past Fall and Winter. I’ve missed the weekends whose hours ticked by slowly as I wrote and read in cafes, the weekends that lulled by lazily as I watched twilight creep into every afternoon. 

It’s been a while since I’ve spent a weekend completely alone. Today I’ve just been listening to my ‘Starred’ playlist on Spotify, letting the memories of this past year wash over me in waves. At some point I’m going to mobilize myself to watch Moonrise Kingdom (finally!), and buy groceries - something I haven’t done since October (since I eat like a squirrel I can pretty much make any meal last 2-3 servings, so I’ve just been going out to eat constantly and subsisting on leftovers). 

Today I’m going to leave my apartment, go on a walk, meet up with no one, and simply breathe.