Mikky Ekko // Pull Me Down

I feel like my blog has become noticeably absent of words recently, absent of sentences and ideas and thoughts. My journal as well - there has been very little pen to paper in my life, very few black scribbles in uneven lines scrawled across blank pages. It’s uncomfortable for me to go so long without expressing myself, as it’s something that I’ve been doing regularly for over a decade. But I find that for some reason it’s difficult for me to write when I’m happy. 

And that’s just all. That’s all I wanted to say. I got promoted at work, my relationship is filled with more love everyday, and these days I just feel wrapped in an encompassing contentment, like a freshly laundered blanket pulled snugly over my skin previously made cold from the bite of winter.

Ah, the quiet satisfaction of it all. To be always smiling to myself.