My first journal entry ever.

I’ve been journaling pretty consistently since I was 10 years old, and have accumulated 25 journals over the past 14 years. 

25 Journals!

Aside from being a cathartic practice, journaling has also enabled me to develop a pretty distinct voice in my writing, in that I write almost identically to how I speak in person. I think it’s also helped me to be a little more self-aware than the average person, because I’ve basically spent my entire life analyzing every passing emotion, every fleeting feeling, every motivation down to its roots in the core of my personality.

My journals define me, they almost completely contain me, and it’s always interesting to look back at the oldest of my journals and catch glimpses of my current personality in my 10-12 year old selves. At heart I haven’t really changed as a person, just evolved. But I suppose that’s the case with most people. 

Anyways, I now bring you my first journal entry ever, all the way back from 1998:

4:07 P.M.     Sept. 15, 1998.

Dear Journal, 

Today has been so great! First, I played soccer and did the best job I ever did playing soccer in my whole life. Mrs. Salabai subbed our class because Mrs. Klempner’s daughter was having a baby so it was way more better. 

This is not so great though. I did the most loudest, disgusting, and revolting burp during lunch which almost my whole class heard. How  embarrassing! The only good was I beat Matthew’s record.

My group finally finished our project (which I thought might fail because my group isn’t very helpful). 

We had study hall which gave me a chance to finish all my homework so I don’t have any homework. To top it off Javier (I like him) totally flirted with me. If anybody is reading this I’m not quite sure of this theory. 

Hugs and Kisses, 


Hugs and Kisses,