Owl Eyes // Nightswim (Fractures Remix)

Every time I spend an extended period of time in LA, I end up returning to San Francisco in a temporary state of depression. I expend my energy thinking of him, thinking of what I’ve left behind. 

It’s bittersweet to know that my time in San Francisco will inevitably come to an end, but it also never gets less difficult to pack up and walk, drive, fly away. While my life is here, my heart is elsewhere - it beats in a body 400 miles away. 

Eventually there will come a time where we’ll spend every morning waking up to the scent of each other’s skin. I’ll spend afternoons arching my back into our sheets, breaking this bed beneath our bones. 

But until then, there is just distance. Stretches of time fill the space between us. 

You are all I look forward to.