So I'm pretty sure I was drugged tonight.

Tonight I went to Vessel for a friend’s birthday, and I’m about 99% certain that I was drugged. 

The club was packed when I arrived around midnight, and I was lucky to have even been able to find my friends. After buying a drink at the bar and trying to follow my friend to the dance floor, a guy paused me and asked if he could have the lime in my drink. I was caught off guard by the oddness of the question, and I didn’t want to lose my friend who was getting far ahead of me, so I just told him to take it and rushed after my friend. 

After taking a large sip of my drink, I immediately could tell that something was off. I started to feel a body high that’s definitely not familiar with drinking, so I told all of my friends that I was pretty sure someone had laced my drink and to keep an eye on me for the rest of the night. 

About 20 minutes later I could feel whatever it was/is kicking in more, and my legs started to shake and the body high started to intensify - again, nothing indicative of being drunk, and by that point in the night I definitely had not drank enough to even be drunk. I stayed close to my friends, texted my sister and my roommate about the situation and asked them to make sure I responded to them throughout the night. I ended up later seeing the guy watching me from afar and inching closer to my group, as if he was monitoring my level of fucked-up-ness. After about an hour into the night, my friend took a cab home with me to make sure I got back ok. 

And now I’m safely at home, in bed, grateful for having such great friends to make sure no one fucks with my shit, but I’m also wide-fucking-awake and definitely not drunk/definitely high on something. And I’m scolding myself for being so stupid as to let some fucking stranger trick me with that line, but I’m mostly just glad to be home safe. 

Lessons learned: let no one ask for your lime, don’t ever fucking go to Vessel aka Douchebag-Central aka Place-Where-Chicks-Get-Drugged.