TV On The Radio // Will Do

Big, big things happening. 

While I still spend most of my time living out of a suitcase, hopping from one city to the next, I feel like I’ve settled better into the routine of it all. It now takes me 30 minutes to pack (sometimes less), and I’ve become a pro and getting through airport security in less than 5 minutes. I’ve perfected the science of short-distance traveling. 

It still sometimes wears on me to feel like I only exist in the distance between cities, but I’m learning how to adapt to this new life and the new opportunities it provides. I’ve started working at Cross Campus, a coworking space in Santa Monica populated with LA creatives and tech professionals, and it’s been a welcome change of pace to spend my work days surrounded by humans again (contrast this to just myself, at home, with no pants or makeup, circled and barked at by an exuberant, adorable puppy who insists on treating my fingers like moving chew toys).

While I still have yet to meet very many new people or friends in LA, it just feels good to be outside and to be seen, to receive confirmation that I exist through the validation of wandering eyes. I’m not just a ghost floating aimlessly through this wide, expansive city. 

On the work front, there are some really exciting things on the horizon. Even though I’ve been working really late hours over the last couple of weeks, tonight included, I know I’m working towards something tangible, something really milestone-setting, and that this “something” is something I can be truly proud of. So I’ve been powering through it, grateful for the support of my team (of 6 people!) that I’ve built over the past year. Sorry to be so vague, but with nothing set in stone yet, I’m hesitant to jinx everything by being so bold as to write about it. 

I have to admit that this life still surprises me; I never imagined that this is what my mid-20s would look like. When I think about my present life, I can’t help but parallel it to the fictitious “future” invented by my 16-year old self - a life without an address, filled with volumes of writing for various publications.

It’s sometimes hard not to feel like I’m being disloyal to my previous self, that I’ve somehow betrayed the ideals that at one time defined me. But I’d like to think that if my 16-year old self could have foreseen the true future, could have seen the person I would one day become, she would have approved, and pat me on the back for being a boss ass bitch.