Uh, I'm anonymously e-famous now

Remember when I posted that weird OkCupid message I received last week? So I was talking to my friend yesterday about OkCupid and sent him that screenshot and his immediate reaction was, “Oh my god. This is awesome. The internets will love this,” and I was just kind of like yeah, ok, whatever, sure they will. He ended up posting the message on Imgur and Reddit and, uh, yeah, I’m kind of e-famous now. 

Seriously? Almost a million views to this shit? It has over 1,000 comments on Reddit and made the front page of both Reddit and Imgur. The fuck. Really? 

Well, I guess I’m glad the internets finds amusement in my OkCupid experiences. 


I have officially hit over a million page views. Lol, I’ve gone viral, what is this.