Oh, and hey Jodie - I know there’s a chance you’re reading this because you clearly still stalk me - you may have deleted or made private the FB status/life experience that you stole from me, but I went ahead and messaged your boyfriend anyway. Because you’re crazy and he deserves to know. Don’t know if he’ll ever mention it to you, but in case you were wondering, here’s what I sent him: 

Hi. You don’t know me, but your girlfriend, Jodie Koo, has been stealing my writing for the last couple of years and I actually just wanted to ask you a serious question. 

On April 17 Jodie wrote a FB status about getting mugged ( and I wanted to know if she actually talked to you about it? Because that FB status is actually something that I wrote back on March 22 (, when I was mugged outside of my office in San Francisco. 

It was a really emotionally traumatic event that gave me sleepless nights and took me weeks to fully recover from (which you can even read more about here, so you know that it did actually happen to me and not Jodie:, and I just found it really disturbing that Jodie would re-post something that was so deeply personal in my life and pretend that it happened to her. 

Stealing my writing is one thing, Jodie isn’t the first person to steal my writing and probably won’t be the last, but I find it really disconcerting that it seems like she’s not only stealing my writing, but also my life experiences and acting as if they’re her own. It just makes me question who else she steals from and what else she steals from them. 

Anyways, not necessarily trying to start shit, just thought you should know.

I’m in the process of narrowing down who I should contact at the Office of International Affairs, Middle East & North Africa at the US Department of the Treasury (yeah, you’re not the only person who can stalk) to notify them of your questionable conduct over the last few years and whether you’re the type of person who should have an internship within the US Government. Have a nice fucking life.