thought receptacle: a word of warning


If you want to shit on me — fine, whatever, I can take it. But when you decide to involve the people and things I care about, that is crossing the line. You went waaay too far, you had no right. The way you lashed out was completely inappropriate and unnecessary considering the situation. See, I am writing this out of anger. That’s the thing, though — I am writing this out of anger. I am not acting out of anger. I try to think before I act. Which you clearly do not do. I guess you thought you were inflicting maximum damage on me but NEWS FLASH: I AM FINE, I HAVE NEVER BEEN BETTER, and really all you succeeded in doing is piss. me. off. Do not piss me off. Do not fuck with what I love. I really don’t think you know who I am. You do not understand what you are dealing with, you really have no idea. Which is cute. But sweetie I recommend that you do some more research before making your next move (because clearly you are not as intelligent or media-savvy as your credentials would suggest). I have everything. You have nothing. I am untouched. You cannot touch me.

I lol’d. You realize you pretended to get mugged, right? That’s weird.